Wednesday, January 2, 2013

EP Review - This Guy by Second Dam

Like it says in my profile description - I'm a classic rock sort of fellow.

Rock tradition is great, but there's a need for some fresh air; some new stuff to keep it real...and exciting.

Enter Second Dam.

Second Dam is a new band made up of six students from Ithaca College in upstate New York - KC Weston (vocals), Zack Jones (guitar), PJ Scott (bass), Andrew Weir (drums), Brian Schmidt (violin), and Kayla Sewell (cello/ukulele).   And yes, their sound is as wonderfully eclectic as the combination of instruments they play.

Their first EP, "This Guy" is a sampling of their earlier music.  The use of violin and ukulele are what make this band stand out for me.  They have an earthy, autumnal sound that feels like a cloudy Saturday afternoon in October (anyone who knows me personally would be quite impressed at such a compliment, those who don't - just take it on faith).  These two instruments are also not used in an overly cliched way, but integrate themselves such that they would be sorely missed if one or both weren't there.

The five tracks do have a common link, not only in Second Dam's brand of sound, but lyrically as well.  There are themes of change, moving on in life, and looking ahead, often with a cautious eye.   This isn't entirely surprising, as the band are students, but it shows that the message comes from the heart. 

My personal favorite from the EP is "Blackbird".  It seems to capture the essence of Second Dam's sound (you know- the autumnal thing...and I promised myself I wouldn't get all poetic and weird.  Just what I hate about music reviews!). 

I suggest you give this band a whirl - you won't regret it (what a cynical way to say you'll enjoy it - I guess I'm starting to take their advice...)

Here's their web site, where you can also purchase the EP-

Let me know what you think!


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